Admission for 2013 is $15.00. We will be open every Friday and Saturday nights from 7 P.M. until 11 P.M., and Sunday nights from 7 P.M. until 9 P.M. Rain or Shine. Starting the last Friday in September through Halloween. Look for Coupons in our brochures for great discounts!

A lot of people ask what age is appropriate for the Massacre Mansion. It all depends on the child. We have seen 5 year olds survive the whole journey and we have also seen teenagers and adults that wish to leave before getting to the first room! It all depends on the individuals threshold for FEAR!


Journey through a gothic cemetery overseen by "Crazy Joe" the gravedigger, and his gouls! Then, if your brave enough to continue, enter the old house known locally as the "Massacre Mansion". Inside you'll become part of the storyline as you journey through the secret passageways of this old, victorian styled mansion. See newly discovered passages and recently uncovered experiments of Dr. Angus Fear! If you survive your stay with Dr. Fear, congratulations!, but your journey has not ended. Enter, if you dare, the "EXTREME DARKNESS" haunted house! The "Darkness" debuted in 2002 to rave reviews! The only thing we can say about the "EXTREME DARKNESS" is that the secret lies within it's name!



The Massacre Mansion opened it's doors in October 1997. Run by Tom Uhll and Dale Handel, it is located on the grounds of the Blackthorne Resort in East Durham, New York.

The Massacre Mansion consists of a Haunted gothic style graveyard which is kept up by "crazy Joe" the Grave digger. If you are brave enough to make it through the cemetary you'll then enter the Mansion, a two story victorian style house with 13+ scenes, haunted by Dr. Angus Fear and his brother Edger. If you survive the Mansion, you will then procede to the Extreme Darkness!